Picture of baked orange cake


This recipe of Orange Cake is dedicated to my lovely friend, Nital who is very fond of citrus cakes. I baked this cake on her birthday when she was far away from me and I was missing her on the day. She is the founder of MySpace Stylist and has helped me transform my house that I live in today into a home with all her unique and creative ideas and suggestions. For anybody looking for inspirations for their spaces, I would highly recommend her. Not only because she is a friend, but because she is amazingly good.

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Remembering her, I thought of giving a fresh look to my recipe pages and this recipe is the most apt one to bring the change. Hope you guys like it. Please share all your suggestions and comments.

The key ingredients: orange, whole wheat flour, semolina flour and brown sugar bring their goodness into one recipe and result in a healthy yet delicious bake perfect for all occasions. The image below lists down some of the key benefits of the ingredients used in the recipe.

This orange cake is super soft and fluffy. It bursts with flavors of fresh orange. This everyday tea cake recipe is easy to make and usually over while it is still warm and fresh. For special occasions, frost the cake with an orange curd or cream cheese frosting and surprise everyone with its amazing taste. I baked the cake in a bundt cake pan but any baking tin will serve the purpose.

Picture of baked Orange Cake

As a statutory warning, this cake fills your house with the refreshing aroma of oranges and adds to your craving. Bake at your own risk!! Stay Healthy!! Happy Baking!!

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Please let me know how your orange cake turns out in the comments. 

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  • In absence of semolina flour, an equal amount of wheat flour may be used in the recipe. 
  • The egg in the recipe can be replaced by 1/4 cup of fresh curd in the recipe.
  • Olive oil may be replaced by any neutral flavored oil. Do not use coconut or mustard oil since they have a strong taste and smell.
  • Adjust the amount of milk to get the cake batter consistency. The milk quantity may vary depending on quality of wheat flour used.

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