The Journey Begins

Hello Friends,

I am Reena, an ex-university professor and an enterpreneur. Presently, I am a stay-at-home mother to two lovely daughters, Zoey, aged 3.5 years and Elina, aged 16 months. The charm to raise the kids my way and the fear of missing on any precious moments of their growing up years lured me into resigning myself from all my professional duties when Zoey was around 10 months.


When Zoey turned six months and started her journey towards solid foods, just like any mother, I started looking for healthier options to feed her. During this time, I caught hold of my long lost hobby of baking and began incorporating healthy ingredients into my already successful bakes. Zoey was the perfect taster buddy which motivated me to keep trying new recipes every time. In March 2017, I was blessed with my younger angel, Elina and life took a turn upside down. For the first few months, I was perplexed and did not know how to take up the challenges coming my way. As Elina grew, I saw the bond between Zoey and Elina strengthen. After Elina turned six months and started her solids journey, she gave me fresh opportunities to try on recipes that were suitable for a toddler as well as an infant. My daughters have been my inspiration all through my baking journey of 3 years. I am still learning and growing with each bake.

With my past passion to teach and learn, I wanted to share my experiences with many others who are looking for healthy baking recipes for themselves, their kids and their loved ones. This blog is all about my experiences with baking, healthy ingredients, time constraints and memories that I formed during the last 3 years of extensive baking.

I hope all of you enjoy reading through my posts and get inspired to start baking healthy and enjoy guilt-free meals. I would love to hear from all of you and connect on our journeys of baking together.

Thank You



  1. Beautiful blog Reena; i’m sure it’ll inspire many of us to bake and eat healthy cakes…this is now my go to blog for baking…keep sharing!

    • Thank you so much Nisha….sorry for replying late to the comment…..I hope i will be able to keep up to your expectations…..

  2. Lovely blog Reena! Looking forward to reading and trying out your recipes😊 Good luck 👍🏼

    • Thanks a lot Pooja…..I hope you enjoy my recipes. Do let me know how they turn our for you whenever you try one…..

  3. A positive step to a beautiful future. It’s just as amazing as you are. Wish you all the success with your baking endeavours.

    • Thank you so much for the lovely words ranjani….they inspire me to keep doing better with each coming day….

  4. Reena.. so happy to see your blog.. .. and hats off to you for trying to give a super healthy twist to all these yummy favourites of kids… I loved how you have explained the importance of each healthy ingredient 🙂
    Keep up the excellent work !! All the best 🙂

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