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Spiced Cottage Cheese Rolls

A Perfect Thanksgiving Recipe!! Sharing this recipe of warm and yummy “Spiced Cottage Cheese Rolls” here today is my way of celebrating Thanksgiving this year.  Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to be thankful and grateful for everything we have in life. During these unprecedented Covid times, this day has an even bigger significance. The daily […]

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A Yummy Breakfast Cheesecake

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL RECIPE This recipe for ‘A Yummy Breakfast Cheesecake’ is a melt in the mouth treat and a guilt free one. From the base to the filling, healthiness is a core part of the recipe. The health quotient of the cheesecake is such that it can be easily had for breakfast. What’s better than […]

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Sour Cream and Onion Crackers

This recipe of Sour Cream and Onion Crackers is inspired by all the people around me who form an immense fan following of the American Lays potato chips with the same flavor. Be it me, my kids, my friends or any guest visiting, this is one of the favorite flavors to serve in a gathering.  […]

Mango Doughnuts
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Mango Doughnuts with Mango Cream Frosting

This recipe of Mango Doughnuts with Mango Cream Frosting is an all time favorite of my elder daughter, Zoey. It is extra special to her because it combines her three food loves: doughnuts, mangoes and chocolate. The healthy ingredients going in the recipe makes it special for me, giving me the mother’s satisfaction of feeding […]

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Chocolate Chip Pizookie

BAKE FOR FAMILY FUN SPECIAL This recipe of ‘Chocolate Chip Pizookie’ is an instant hit with kids and adults alike. A great party snack and a special treat for kids, a pizookie gels your two favorite foods, pizza and cookie, into one. Yes, that’s right, a pizookie is a giant pizza sized cookie. Thinking of […]

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Brazilian Cheese Puffs/ Pão de Queijo

Pão de Queijo or Brazilian Cheese Puff is a popular snack and breakfast food in Brazil. It is a gluten-free bread made with tapioca flour (sabudana flour), eggs and cheese. This puff is crispy from outside but amazingly soft and chewy from inside. The cheese flavor in this bread is extremely addictive.  Tapioca or sabudana […]